description of activity

Ask the participants to choose an unknown partner or somebody they don’t know well.

Tell the participants that they have each one 10 minutes to interview their partner. After two minutes ask the participants to swap the roles of interviewer and interviewee.

When both partners have been interviewed, call the group back in the chair circle and ask the partners of the pairs to introduce each other.


In the partners introductions the trainer will be able to detect whether the active listening have taken place.

  • In how many occasions participants felt the need to add information to the summary offered by the other participant in their pair.
  • In how many occasions participants felt the need to correct information in the summary offered by the other participant in their pair.

In Intercultural groups it is important for the trainer to record whether terminology and language was agreed between interviewers and interviewees. Also note whether the participants expressed this exchange as the first time they heard specific terms or understood what they really mean.

Also, in the case of the guiding questions option being applied, Trainer will be able to measure whether the expected information have been retrieved by the participants.

information on the activity

Participants sit together in pairs and interview each other with the help of guiding questions. Later they present their partner to the rest of the group in the language of their choice. Trainers and participants assist with language mediation.

Learners will be

aware of the importance of active listening, a core skill that would allow them to identify and explain, and apply ethical criteria for inclusive and constructive reporting with respect to the concerned social/cultural group.


Circle of chairs




Worksheet (optional)

pens and paper


30-60 minutes depending on number of participants.


Max. 20


Trainers can use this introductory session to gather different kind of information from the participants

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