The partners of the EMAC project met in Sevilla, Spain, in December of 2017 to kick off the project and talk about the road map.


We went over the glossary and terminology work that had been done nationally before the meeting already. AMARC will go through the ideas put up in these documents in the coming weeks and test them on their transnational transferability.

The partners also received input and agreed on an evaluation plan for the meetings as well as the project and its products. COMMIT (the austrian media training organisation) will be responsible for the evaluation throughout the project.


The partners also discussed the indicators and objectives to measure the impact of the project on the following levels:


The objectives on the organisational level are to:
  • help journalists use terms reflective of minorities in their reporting and in that raising awareness for these people and the realities they are living in
  • introduce new and improved elements to trainings delivered at the target organisations
  • talk to people from minorities about minority issues and give a voice to minority journalists in media
  • give minority journalists more access to the deliberations about the media agenda
  • enhance the quality of reporting and of trainings


The objectives on the organisational level are to:
  • create awareness among media content producers about demands in terminology when reporting on minorities
  • change the way that media content producers are reporting on minorities


The objectives on the organisational level are to:
  • increase awareness on how we use words ourselves and keep up with recent developments and how they impact terminology
  • increase awareness for cultural and societal differences in learners, trainers and staff
  • increase awareness for the change terminology is undergoing and keep open mind to keep learning: When in improve the way trainers can
  • impact people they are communicating with not only in a training situation, but in day-to-day work life


Kick-off meeting in Sevilla

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