description of activity

Divide the group into pairs or trios. Ask participants to discuss and agree on the names of five famous people they know and like, and five that they dislike. (5 minutes).

Each group feeds back their names they chose to the group, and they discuss the traits that make them like and dislike them.

Ask participants whether they have ever met the people in the list personally. If not how can they have these opinions?

Then highlight where they get the information from, showing that this is always media. Ask them to think about the influence media has in creating their ideas about these people.

This discussion can then be broadened to discuss representation of other minority groups(migrants, LGBTQ+, etc).


The assessment of the Learning outcomes starts around the final question of the activity, when participants have to think about the influence of media in the representation of individuals (like the ones in their list) and groups (migrants, LGBTQ+, etc).

information on the activity

Participants will become aware of the influence of media in their perception of the world around them.

Participants will be able

to identify cases of adequate and inadequate media reporting and discuss the impact it has on audiences/readers perception of migrants, ethnic/religious minorities, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, women, youth and senior citizens. (positive/negative examples to be listed in a working sheet)


A room big enough to allow the group to be divided and work in small groups


Flipchart, Markers.


30 minutes



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