All pilot training workshops have finally taken place (Germany in November 2018, Austria in December 2018, Ireland in February 2019 and Spain in May 2019). Partners trained community radio trainers and producers, as well as, communicators with advocacy organisations for the minority groups in the project.

Now is time for the partners in the EMAC project to take stock, make decisions and get into the last stage of the project: how to layout the activities for the interactive training course, finalising the audio resources and finalising the online course in the website.

After a few online meetings, our Austrian partner, Commit, is compiling the Trainers Evaluation of the Pilot Training workshops to complete an evaluation report, while we are all keeping busy producing new activities and revising once again the compiled activities to decide which ones will be available on the online training tool, recording and editing the radio resources and looking at different possibilities to create and attractive and effective online training path.

Keep posted, and visit us, because changes are coming soon.

Post Pilot Training and forwards

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