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Imagine you are an observer, preparing to write script for a report describing an incident you witnessed or an organisation you saw operating. Choose two or three of the paired phrases below.

  • cult vs. denomination
  • demonstration vs. riot
  • throwing a tantrum vs. objecting to management’s decision
  • stalked out vs. left abruptly 
  • hysterical vs. adamant
  • halted vs. paralysed
  • preaches vs. advocates
  • muzzled vs. suppressed
  • rampaged vs. marched
  • enthusiast vs. fanatic
  • assertive vs. abrasive 
  • threaten vs. warn 
  • made a scene vs. stood their ground
  • zealot vs. patriot
  • claiming vs. stating
  • illegal vs. undocumented 

Create two sentences for each pair of phrases

  • the first from the perspective of someone who disapproves or is not in favour of the activity,
  • the second from the perspective of someone who approves or is in favour of the activity.

Answer the following questions:

  • How can verbs, as well as nouns, be used to convey an attitude, bias, or agenda?
  • How can the use of slanted words influence how a person, organization, or incident is perceived?


The IMPACT of the activity can be done in a qualitative way as part of the discussion asking the group if it something they had considered previously. 

information on the activity

Create an awareness of how the slanting of verbs and nouns can be used to depict people favourably or unfavourably. Practice casting negatively slanted words into favourable terms.

Participants will be able

  • to identify and explain, and apply ethical criteria for inclusive and constructive reporting with respect to the concerned social/cultural group.
  • to identify cases of adequate and inadequate media reporting and discuss the impact it has on audiences/readers perception of migrants, ethnic/religious minorities, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, women, youth and senior citizens. (positive/negative examples to be listed in a working sheet)


Room with a table for people to write on.


Copies of list of words/expressions (see under Description of Activity)


10-20 min


10 to 12

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