If we want or need to measure impact in terms of EU projects or other activities co-financed by the European Union, we always need to ask ourselves:

Why we are doing all of this? What changes are we trying to achieve?

The definition of an IMPACT always has got to include a clear description of a corresponding or underlying need. We need to look at this on (1) a personal level (with a focus on staff, trainers and trainees), on (2) a systemic level (the impact on the world around us) and (3) an organizational level (i.e. achieving enhacement of processes at target organisations).
We need to agree on a measure. We could, for example, apply an impact value scaled from 1 to 5 (low to high) expressing the level of impact on the different levels.

What are the central questions in relation to our project?

  • What are the actual day-to-day changes, that organisations would like to make, what kind of input and materials do they need to achieve it?
  • What are the actual changes in the way people involved in the project and/or trainings think about and communicate with people from minorities?
Measuring project impact